There's a certain irony in being so snowed under with other work that I don't have time to build a proper website for myself. This website is just a simple Twitter Bootstrap site pulled together to list off some of my work.

It's me.

I've had a pretty busy couple of years at Uni. At the moment I'm in my 6th and final year, currently Guild Vice-President, UEC Webmaster, and a bunch of other things (check out more on my LinkedIn page). I've also just submitted a Software Engineering honours thesis entitled "Towards Parameterless Time Series Analysis", looking at reducing domain knowledge requirements in analysing time series (specifically removing parameter requirements from a discord discovery algorithm). This past summer I interned at Google (working on an app - see above).

Ninja Creative is about functional web application design. I like to create cleanly laid out websites, compatible with different browser and device types, with clever (or just standard) backends. Some of my recent work is linked across the top.

Get in touch with Cameron Fitzgerald - | @camfitz.